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For Tyre Safety Assistance in Hull Look to A1 Savoy Tyres Ltd

A1 Savoy Tyres Ltd can offer you tyre care assistance as well as advice. Always use professional service providers like us when it comes to tyre care. Call on 01482 425185 for tyre care assistance. We can provide advice on the phone, but it would be better to take a look at the vehicle to make a first-hand assessment. Allow A1 Savoy Tyres Ltd in Hull to provide you with tyre care support.

Tyre Safety Tips for You in Hull

While driving your car, tyres are the only contact that the vehicle has with the road, so their condition is of extreme importance. If you neglect the state of your tyres, then you could endanger yourself and other road users. An inspection of your car tyres at least once a month is a good idea. Getting your car tyres checked by an expert is necessary if you are in doubt about their condition. Read this tyre safety guide from A1 Savoy Tyres Ltd in Hull.

The Process of Checking Your Tyres in Hull

The first step is do an overall inspection of the tyres, including inner and outer sidewalls. Lumps, bulges, cuts or cracks could be signs of deterioration, and these indicate that a tyre should be replaced. Inspect the depth of the treads and check all tyre pressures. Examine the tread of the tyres for alignment issues and also check the spare tyre. Remember that a worn tyre reduces the effectiveness of steering, acceleration and braking in Hull.

Learn About Tyre Pressures and Wheel Alignment in Hull

Tyre pressures need to be checked once a fortnight, as tyres may be under-inflated even if they do not look flat. Always check pressures only when the tyres are cold, and refer to the vehicle manual for the correct pressures to be maintained. If the tyre is not worn evenly across its surface, it is a sign of over or under inflation. Wearing of the tyre on one edge only is a sign of poor wheel alignment. If there is an alignment issue, you need a professional outfit in Hull to put it right.

What to Know About Wheel Balancing and Measuring Tread Depth in Hull

Out-of-balance tyres can cause a car to vibrate at certain speeds and cause mechanical damage. The car tread depth should be measured in the principle grooves of each tyre. The minimum tread depth is 1.6mm. Replace the tyres when the tread depth reaches 3.0mm, just to be on the safe side. Inspect the spare tyre periodically to make sure that it is in good condition. This tyre safety information from A1 Savoy Tyres Ltd will make sure that you are on top of any tyre problems that can arise in Hull.

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